Hand Knotted

A hand knotted rug is a piled carpet woven on either a horizontal or vertical loom.  The definition of an Oriental rug is any carpet woven by hand to the east of Europe.  Hand knotted rugs are woven in Turkey, Egypt, parts of Russia, Armenia, Romania, Iran, Afghanistan, China, and Pakistan.  Knotted rugs are woven by tying coloring wool in knots around a pair of warp strings.  The knots are tied in rows horizontally across the rug.  When one row is finished, and weft string is inserted, which helps to hold the knots in place.  This process  is repeated over and over until the rug is finished.  At this time, the rug is cut off of the loom and the remaining warp strings are tied together and knotted, then becoming the fringe.  The sides of the rug are hand sewn and then the rug is washed.  A finely knotted rug can take many years to weave and will last your family many generations.  Fibers used for the pile are generally wool or silk, although recently viscose or bamboo silk is being used in an effort to keep costs down.  The warp and weft fibers are generally either cotton, silk, or wool.